Every Sunday night at 7pm EST on WDDF Radio in Philadelphia – Best of the 70’s & 80’s

I will be playing songs that share a common theme such as:

  • Hit songs sung by the same lead singer but for two different bands.
  • Songs by left-handed artists.
  • One hit wonders!
  • Songs with misheard lyrics
  • And so many more…


Check out the list of all 626 songs I connected during my first year of Connections!

Listen to the new promos for my show!

Sgt. Pepper’s 50th Anniversary Special

Connections Promo “The Rainbow Connections”

Connections Promo “The Holiday Special”

Connections Promo “The Connection Zone”

Connections Promo “Presidential Acceptance Speech 1”

Connections Promo “Presidential Acceptance Speech 2”

Connections Promo “Love Connection”

Connections Promo “Fashion Show”

Connections Promo “Sunday Night Blues”

Connections Promo “Connections!”


I play songs from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, connecting one song to the next — it’s a veritable “six degrees of Kevin Bacon” — except i’ll be holding the bacon.

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Listen to the promos for my show!  Join me Sunday nights!